About Us


CERTENET TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is a software services company headquartered in Bangalore, specialized in providing PKI Solutions, cyber security solutions & enterprise solutions to build secure, trusted and efficient systems.

Our Vision:- To provide best security solutions , application services and IT services to our clients. Help customers to prepare for the ever growing and evolving digital need to flourish in their respective businesses by building trust and efficiency in their systems.

Our Mission:- At Certenet ,we have a mission to be the most trusted and most reliable IT Services company in the field of Cyber Security ,IT Infrastructure and Cloud services by providing most advanced solution with best ROI .


Some of Our Best Products

Digital Signatures Certificates

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure digital key that is issued by a Licensed Certifying Authority to verify

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization's details..

Document Signer Certificate

Document Signer Certificate is a special type of Digital Signature certificate issued in the name of the organization for the server based document signing

Hardware Security Module

A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a dedicated hardware device or appliance that provides a highly secure and tamper-resistant environment

PKI Token

PKI tokens (USB) securely store private keys, which are used for digital signatures and decryption, and public keys, which are used for encryption


Some of Our Best solutions

Digital Signing Solution

A digital signing solution is a software or service that enables individuals and organizations to apply digital signatures

Key Management Solution

A Key Management Solution (KMS) is a software, hardware, or cloud-based system designed to securely generate

Certificate Lifecycle Management

A Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) is a software or platform used to automate