Certificate Process

Step 1: Buy your certificate

Select your certificate from certenet.in according to your requirement and budget. Make payment for the same through Cheque/DD/NEFT/RTGS.

STEP 2: Generate the CSR

Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from your server where the domain is hosted. You need to give the following details while generation CSR: Email Address, Common Name, Organization, Organizational Unit, Country Code, State, City. Your CSR should start with “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and end with —–END CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– “. Save and send the CSR in a .txt format (using notepad) to us or do the enrolment yourself, depending on the Certifying Authority and our processing. A sample CSR is as shown below.

STEP 3: Enroll for Certificate

All details such as Common Name, Organisation etc, are required during the Enrollment process, including the generated CSR.

STEP 4: Validation by Certifying Authority

The validation procedure involves Domain Validation (or Domain Rights Confirmation) and Business Validation (Organisation Authentication)

1) Domain Validation : Certifying Authorities usually verifies your authority over a domain name used as the Common Name. A whois search of the top level domain should have the Registrant Details matching that of your Organisation. In case the details are not matching, a separate Domain Authorization Letter (DAL) (format will be given) needs to be produced from the original registrant, authorizing your request for the certificate for the same domain.

2) Business Validation : The Certifying Authority validates your business (identity) through a 3rd party source (like DUNS). In case your business could not be verified, you will need to submit copies of Proof of Right to do Business documents usually from Government departments (eg: Certificate of Incorporation). This is followed by a Telephone Verification by the Certifying Authority to your Organisational contact person mentioned during the enrollment process. The telephone number used for verification call will be a number received from a 3rd party source. If this is not a valid number, you may need to submit a Telephone Bill displaying the latest telephone number, in the name of the Organisation (with address) applying for the certificate.

STEP 5: Receive Certificate

The whole process may take 2-3 business days (after submitting required documents) and turn around times are Certifying Authority dependent. Once the verification process is over, you will receive the certificate by email with instructions. A sample certificate is as shown below.